Tuesday, May 25, 2021

 Plant Bioactivity Modifications

Naturally occurring bioactive compounds are ubiquitous in most dietary higher plants available to humans and livestock. The natural products such as plant extracts provide unlimited opportunities for new drug discoveries, mostly because of plethora of varieties of chemicals 

GPMB 2021 is a platform where researchers can discuss more interesting topics, among those Bioactivity modification is one session.

We invite all the plant science scientists and encourage scholars to join and give presentation at GPMB 2021 | Virtual Conference.

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Monday, May 3, 2021


Temperature is an important factor for Plant Growth

Plant growth and geographic distribution are greatly affected by the environment. If any environmental factor is less than ideal, it limits a plant’s growth and/or distribution. For example, only plants adapted to limited amounts of water can live in deserts.

Temperature influences most plant processes, including photosynthesis, transpiration, respiration, germination, and flowering. As temperature increases (up to a point), photosynthesis, transpiration, and respiration increase. When combined with day-length, temperature also affects the change from vegetative (leafy) to reproductive (flowering) growth. Depending on the situation and the specific plant, the effect of temperature can either speed up or slow down this transition.

We would like to invite researchers to speak on temperature effects plants.

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